An Exclusive Look Inside Englefield House

Axminster Carpets has replaced the Drawing Room carpet at Englefield House with a stitch-by-stitch reproduction of the original design.

Recreating the delicately patterned carpet involved a 2 month design process, led by Design Director Gary Bridge. Relying on traditional craftsmanship to complete the one-of-a kind installation, the design journey began with a hand drawn sketch of the threadbare Drawing Room carpet.

"Before computers, many carpets were hand knotted and we're passionate about the design discrepancies that come with the free-style of being hand made"
- Gary Bridge, Design Director, Axminster Carpets

Although today's carpet making techniques are more advanced, the pencil illustration was translated to the computer by hand to retain the origin of the hand-knotted carpet.

Before weaving commenced at the factory in Axminster, the carpet was sampled for accurate colours, finishes and weave. Our vision is to be 100% sympathetic to the original design.

"Partnering with a true British Brand to replicate a piece of English history has been a very rewarding journey. The carpet has revitalised the Drawing Room and we're looking forward to welcoming guests into the house and watching their reactions"
- Peter Carson, House & Events Manager, Englefield House.