The Clothworkers' Company

Steeped in history and set in the heart of London, The Clothworkers' Company can trace its roots to the times when Britain’s wealth was founded on wool and manufacturing, a time when textiles were a significant economic force.

Founded by Royal Charter in 1528 the original purpose of The Clothworkers’ Company was to promote the craft of cloth-finishing within the City of London. It was fitting that when their main banqueting hall carpet needed replacing, we were commissioned to recreate the magnificent carpet. The original carpet had been woven by Axminster Carpets some 35 years earlier in the early 1980s and had been a testament to the unrivalled quality and durability produced from the Axminster looms. Like the original, the new carpet was designed and woven in Axminster Carpets factory in the market town of Axminster, Devon. The new custom Axminster carpet was woven in 8-row quality to ensure that the exquisite detail of the original design was perfectly emulated, whilst the yarn was individually colour-matched and dyed specifically for the carpet, both essential parts of the original brief. The Clothworkers also demanded luxury softness and ultimate durability which was delivered through an 80:20 blend of Axminster Carpets’ carefully selected wool and nylon together with a longer pile height.

Like Axminster Carpets, we value our heritage and traditions and understand the value of specifying the finest quality materials and finishes.
Today, the hall offers a unique venue offering a magnificent sense of space and occasion for bespoke events and the carpet needs to respond to these demands. Axminster Carpets were able to provide such a carpet – we are truly delighted.

Mike Drummond, Beadle of The Clothworkers' Company