Beige, greige and neutral tones

It’s no secret that we love neutral tones here at Axminster Carpets. From beige to greige, soft greys and clean whites – we adore the elegance and sophistication of a neutral colour palette. Of course, we adore colour too (like the bold flashes of our gorgeous Devonia Plain), but there’s just something special about a pared back, neutral colour palette that we can’t get enough of.

When you think of a neutral tone, you may be tempted to think of dull magnolia or harsh white, but here at Axminster Carpets, we think that it can mean so much more! That’s why we’ve worked hard to develop a beautiful collection of neutral carpet designs, which combine timeless elegance with contemporary trends.

Neutral trends: greige

One of our favourite neutral tones is greige. This unusual shade sits somewhere between a cool, crisp grey and a slightly warmer brown/beige. The result is a lovely, muted hue with a subtle splash of character. Where traditional greys can sometimes be unwelcoming, greige forgoes this and creates a warming ambience in any space.

neutral tones

This warming ambience means that greige, like many other neutrals, provides the perfect backdrop for a room. In fact, it’s right there in its definition: “Not bleached or dyed; unfinished”. It’s a blank canvas, waiting to be accented. This means it’s the perfect colour choice for carpets and rugs. For a simple look, choose something like Devonia Plain in Teign Grey – this tufted carpet is designed to stay beautifully soft and comfy, for years to come. And with a neutral colour like greige, you won’t outgrow it, or worse, get tired of looking at it!

Alternatively, if you are seeking more of a statement look, then look no further than our Annalise collection. Designs such as Fair Isle Husky (exclusive to John Lewis stores) feature intricate repeat patterns in contemporary geometric designs. This makes them perfect for elevating a neutral tone to a whole new level. Who said greige had to be plain?!

Tips for decorating with neutral tones

The beauty of neutral tones is that they are so easy to decorate with. They provide the perfect starting point from which to grow and evolve a room. Starting with a base colour of pale grey, beige, greige or white will allow you to be free with your subsequent choices – you aren’t limited by colour choices or patterns. Earthborn paints stock a gorgeous range of neutral, muted tones – the perfect partner to Axminster Carpets.

To make a neutral space really work, we recommend incorporating as much texture as possible. Wool carpets are the ideal way to do this, with a beautiful tactility that is simply unmatched. This helps add depth and character, which can all-too-easily be lost when working with neutral shades. It’s also a good idea to layer your neutrals. Whether that be soft drapes and curtains, multiple rugs or simply a good assortment of scatter cushions. The key here is to add depth and to break up the simplicity.

With the base layer of your room complete, it’s time to add accessories to make the room come to life. Since you have a pared-back colour scheme, you are a little freer to be bold here. Splashes of vibrant colour, loud patterns and unusual finishes (like metallics, glass or stained wood) can look extremely impactful against neutrals.

Overall, the most important tip with using neutrals in your home is to invest in the best you can afford. Without flashy colours and busy patterns to distract the eye, a neutral design needs to be the very best quality if it’s going to look good. Investing in quality, long-lasting pieces, such as Axminster Carpets, will allow the beauty of the neutral trend to really shine through.