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With over 250 years of expertise and over 20 years of experience in supplying the rail industry, Axminster Carpets are proud to be the largest supplier of sustainable, woven rail carpet in the UK.

Supplying beautifully bespoke carpets to some of the UK’s biggest rail operators, Axminster carpets can be seen across hundreds of rail services across the country, including Northern, Trans Pennine Express and South Western Railway; along with the luxurious and historic Belmond British Pullman. Careful design and expert craftsmanship were woven into each carriage’s carpet, ensuring true resilience and comfort.

Our British origins remain at our core; from sourcing to weaving. The finest raw materials are selected from within the UK, allowing us to closely oversee quality and care, whilst supporting local British farming. Expertly crafted, all our rail carpets are designed and woven in Axminster, Devon – where our in-house team create bespoke, distinct carpets. Due to the cooler climate, British wool offers more benefits in carpet manufacturing – giving us even more reason to remain rooted in the UK.

Wool carries a host of benefits for carpets, from environmental to personal. Natural, renewable and biodegradable, wool carpets absorb VOCs and aid in supporting healthier living. Carrying environmental peace of mind, we are proud that each Axminster carpet is manufactured with a very low carbon footprint. Wool’s natural fire retardancy allows us to boast enhanced safety credentials – with every carpet carrying the highest fire certification. Always striving for eco-conscious crafting, we offer an undyed wool option – to give a truly natural, authentic wool feel to our designs.

Alongside the household benefits of a wool carpet, Axminster carpets are perfectly suited and beneficial for the rail industry. We carefully ensure that our carpets offer more than just an aesthetic benefit; understanding the comfort of passengers is key in the design of each carriage. Wool is naturally hypoallergenic, meaning that the carpet creates a clean and improved air quality. The dedicated, quality craftsmanship of each carpet ensures long term appearance, retention and performance to keep carriages looking pristine for longer. Wool’s natural acoustic absorption abilities help to reduce noise carried throughout carriages; whilst our carpets are also lighter, thicker and more luxurious than nylon counterparts, creating a truly comfortable and elite passenger experience.

Overjoyed with their refurbishment, Neil Drury, Engineering Director for South Western Railway says “We’ve had really positive feedback on the quality of the new Axminster carpets on board our refurbished trains. The quality really makes a difference to the customer experience which is what we were confident we would get when we first commissioned these wool carpets from Axminster”.

Dedicated to our craft, we pride ourselves in offering efficiency and reassurance to rail operators. We are the only carpet manufacturer with the ability to weave full width rail carpets with no joints, allowing for fully bespoke designs to seamlessly flow throughout each carriage. Supporting this, our tailor-made kit service means that each carpet is woven to order, to the desired width; creating an efficient fitting process with little to no waste. For final peace of mind, our carpets carry end of life sustainability benefits; being made from natural biodegradable materials, an Axminster carpet can be removed without the worry of environmental damage, making an Axminster carpet truly beautiful to travel with.

We offer a range of specifications and meet all BS6853-1b and EN45545 HL3 standards.


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