Why wool? The benefits of wool

The design world is in the midst of a so-called wool renaissance. Across the globe, more and more designers, retailers and shoppers are realising the unique benefits of this wonderful fabric – and we couldn’t be more excited. We’ve been working with the finest quality British wool for centuries, over which time we’ve learnt a thing or two about what makes it so special. From its aesthetics to its eco-credentials – it’s nature’s own high-performance fibre.

The ultimate in cosiness

When discussing the benefits of wool, there’s one thing that instantly jumps to mind: cosiness. Good quality wool is soft, warm and invitingly cosy. There’s a reason that sheep are so content with being out in a blustery field all day! Synthetic materials just don’t come close to the tactile benefits of real wool.

On a more scientific note, wool is a natural insulator. This means it absorbs sound, helping to sound-proof your home. It also absorbs heat and releases it slowly – not only will this keep your home nice and warm in the winter, it will also help regulate the warmer temperatures in the summer. It really is a fabric for all seasons!

Wool is also highly absorbent and a natural humidistat, meaning that it can help remove excess moisture from the air. In fact, wool carpets can hold 33% of their own weight in water before they feel wet. This enables a wool carpet to help control the humidity of a room – which is ideal for properties prone to damp or mould.

Health and safety

Have you ever heard that hard floors are the best choice for allergy sufferers? Well, sorry to disappoint – it’s not true. Floors like wood and laminate allow allergens and dust to freely travel in the air, which can actually make symptoms more pronounced.

On the other hand, wool carpets and rugs can actively cleanse the air by removing these unwanted impurities for up to 30 years. Wool can even remove formaldehyde and nasty volatile organic chemicals, like those found in paint, hairspray, glue and nail polish. And did we mention that wool is antibacterial? Not bad for a simple floor covering!

Another unusual feature of wool is its ability to inhibit (and even extinguish) fires. That’s right – a wool carpet could literally save a life. Due to its natural flame-retardant features, wool is self-extinguishing and does not melt like synthetic fibres. It won’t give off any nasty toxic fumes either, which minimises the risk of dangerous smoke inhalation. So all in all, wool carpets are probably the safest and healthiest choice you could make for your home.

Wool cares for the planet

Put simply, wool is one of the most eco-friendly fibres out there. It’s 100% sustainable and 100% renewable, with very little environmental impact throughout its production process. It’s also a fibre for life; it’s extremely hard-wearing and durable, which helps combat the damage caused by the so-called ‘fast fashion’ often seen in commercial products. However, we know that even the most durable materials eventually become damaged. So, many years from now when your carpet needs changing, you can rest easy knowing that our wool carpets are kind to the environment.

Axminster Carpets are also proud to support local British business, which further boosts the eco-credentials of our wool carpet. The majority of the wool we use comes from British sheep, which we combine into specialist blends to suit each particular type of carpet. This ethical sourcing keeps our carbon footprint to a minimum and also ensures we deliver the finest quality products possible.

Above all – wool is beautiful

Amongst all of these fantastic, often overlooked benefits of wool – let’s not forget the obvious: wool is beautiful. It has a richness of colour and texture that is simply unrivalled.

We take full advantage of wool’s natural beauty on the looms here at Axminster Carpets. We craft world-renowned carpets in a huge array of stunning designs, always at the forefront of classic design and interiors trends. From the bold colours of Devonia Plain to the intricate detail of Hazy Days, we pride ourselves on making the very best.

If you’re ready to make an investment in your home, health and happiness, then a wool carpet is for you. Take a look through our wool carpet designs or get in touch for a bespoke quote.