Bespoke Axminster from Axminster

Custom Bespoke Carpets and Rugs By Axminster

A bespoke carpet or rug is the ultimate luxury to enrich your home - you haven’t experienced real carpet until you’ve welcomed a genuine Axminster Carpet™ into your home.

Bespoke Axminster Carpets & Rugs

Crafted by Axminster, created by you…

The floor is an integral part of each room in your home. Creating something unique can add an extra dimension to any interior; whether it’s a staircase, hall, bedroom or living area. At Axminster, we have a reputation for exquisite design and exceptional performance, in even the most demanding of environments.
We’re passionate about creating the perfect piece to fit your home, life and personal style; from archival patterns to bespoke designs. Each piece will be guided by our dedicated in-house design team and our bespoke project managers support you from beginning to end, to make creating a fully bespoke piece an effortless and exciting process for you. The fully tailored project will take you through design, yarn colour collection, sampling and finally, the unveiling of the finished product. You’ll even have the opportunity to visit our Axminster factory to see your bespoke creation woven Axminster on our world-renowned 8-pitch looms.

Each piece is steeped in Axminster’s history, as we continue to weave all our carpets, rugs and runners from our factory in Axminster, Devon; the same town where the Axminster weave was invented by Thomas Whitty in 1755. 

Proud receivers of the Royal Warrant, we have woven bespoke carpets, rugs and runners for some of the most prestigious residencies around the world, including some of the stately Royal homes; but we ensure the same quality service and craftsmanship goes into each and every piece – not just those in the presence of Her Royal Majesty! Each piece is crafted by an expertly skilled weaving team who hand finish each piece to ensure the most elite Axminster quality. 

Bespoke carpet specialists 

A beautifully unique carpet with added peace of mind; all our carpets are custom-made woven using the finest sustainably-sourced British wool – allowing us to closely oversee quality and care, whilst supporting British farming. Wool is not only 100% renewable and biodegradable but offers an array of naturally occurring benefits too. Wool is hypoallergenic, naturally insulating and fire retardant – another reason to create something wonderfully unique for your home.

Whether it’s a small staircase or a grand open space, contact our dedicated bespoke team on or call us at 01297 32244 to discuss the endless possibilities of bringing your dream one-of-a-kind carpet, rug or runner to life.

An Axminster rug fit for an Admiral

We teamed up with Greg from @manwithahammer (Instagram) to create his breath-taking bespoke rug for the party room of his magnificent 30-room ‘Admirals House’. Taking inspiration from a beautiful book of Anna Hayman’s, Greg worked alongside his interior designer Anna and our wonderful designers to conjure up the perfect statement piece; from concepts and wool colour samples, through to the sample and the final piece.

Thrilled by his extravagant new rug, Greg says “It feels very appropriate that there’s an Axminster on the floor in Admirals House. It was fascinating seeing some of the Axminster archive and the skill that goes into designing and making something that should bring people a huge amount of joy for decades to come”.