House of Hackney x Axminster Carpets

Change is afoot (or should that be underfoot?): just as House of Hackney spearheaded the renaissance of painterly wallpaper in the 21st century, The House of Hackney collection signals the revival of exquisitely woven rugs, runners, and carpets in the home.

The synergy between the two brands is immediately apparent; while House of Hackney is renowned for creating “art on walls”, Axminster Carpets has been making “art on the floor” for centuries. And, not only are both companies proudly British, they are also champions of traditional craftsmanship and innovatively sustainable methods.





A collection that is ingrained with history yet makes a contemporary statement. At once a covetable piece of art and a cosy finishing touch, each piece has the power to serve as the main event in a room or to act as an anchor by pulling its myriad elements together. A rug or runner is also the perfect way to introduce a touch of colour, pattern and personality to a space.

The entire collection will be woven at the Axminster Carpets factory in Devon. The colours ranging from ‘Petrol’ and ‘Vermillion’ to ‘Blush’ and ‘Tobacco’ – all hand-picked to represent House of Hackney’s signature palette. And courtesy of Axminster’s carefully selected wool, the designs feel sumptuously soft and invitingly cosy – as well as boasting the fibre’s long list of benefits.

“We are so excited to be partnering with Axminster Carpets as we’ve admired the company for so long – not just for its rich history in making the world’s most beautiful carpets, but for its celebration of British craftsmanship and eco-friendly production – values we also champion at House of Hackney. As our first -ever floor coverings, this collection juxtaposes our most-loved prints with Persian-style borders and details, while marrying House of Hackney’s modern sensibility with Axminster Carpets’ centuries of tradition to create ‘future heirlooms’ that will last for generations.”

Frieda Gormley, co-founder and director, House of Hackney