The Independent Hotel Show - Eco Conscious Hotel Room

We were thrilled to have been chosen by Harris & Harris Interior Design, for their 'Conscious Hotel Room'. This was an inspiring project that they created for The Independent Hotel Show. They wanted to design a beautiful hotel room, in which every aspect had been considered from a sustainability point of view. The feel of the room they created was 'historic design with a modern twist', they used a combination of Georgian panelling with contemporary decor. This was to showcase how sustainable design can be relevant to both modern and historic buildings.

Harris & Harris felt that it was imperative to thoroughly consider the sustainability of every single item used in the room, even down to the toothbrushes!



Axminster Carpets was chosen due to our keen interest in using natural materials in our products. The carpet featured, Hazy Days Leapfrog in Coconut Milk, is made from 100% wool with a natural jute backing. 

Harris & Harris were also keen to keep the mileage of each product to an absolute minimum. We design and weave our carpets right here in our Axminster based factory, keeping the mileage of our products down.



Finally, the health and comfort of the guests staying in this room was of utmost importance. Plants were placed around the room to improve air quality and general well-being, and art was chosen that had a calming influence. Our carpet also contributed to this - wool has many amazing natural properties, and one of them is that it is hypoallergenic. It can purify air for up to 30 years and absorbs tox VOCs. We hope you like the finished result!

Photos were taken by French & Tye.