De Vere Hotels

Over the years, Axminster Carpets have been fitted in some of the finest establishments across Great Britain – and beyond. Amongst these, the De Vere hotels chain is a frequently occurring name. From the Victorian grandeur of Tortworth Court to the sweeping estate of Wotton House – we’re taking a look back at some of the finest De Vere hotels we have carpeted to date.


De Vere Wotton House Hotel

Wotton House Hotel is an estate like no other. This extraordinary 17th-century country getaway is famed for its sweeping gardens and unrivalled architecture. Built in the early 1600s in the heart of Surrey, it has been the venue for endless high-profile guests and events over the centuries.

Nowadays, Wotton House Hotel boasts an impressive 13 acres of lush gardens, including Italian gardens and Roman temples. And inside? Axminster Carpets, of course. Our beautiful floorings are fitted throughout the estate, in a luxurious weave of 100% wool. In fact, these carpets have even been recognised at the International Wool Flooring Awards in 2017, where we won the award for ‘Best Residential Woven Carpet’.

When discussing this prestigious award, design director Gary Bridge said, “It’s fantastic to have received recognition for this project as it is a showcase for the beauty and durability of 100% wool carpets. Working with the De Vere Wotton House was an absolute delight and we were so pleased with the finished result.”

De Vere Tortworth Court

Constructed between 1848 and 1853 for the 2nd Earl of Ducie, Tortworth Court is a striking Victorian build in south Gloucestershire. Despite this, its architectural style is somewhat reminiscent of the Tudor era, with a grand arboretum and immensely impressive façade. It is now a Grade II listed property, which has recently undergone a multi-million-pound refurbishment.

Beneath Tortworth Court’s imposing grandiose, you will find beautiful Axminster Carpets running throughout the public areas – from the restaurant to the conference suite. One of the most impactful installations is within the stunning conservatory…the imposing glass ceiling is the perfect way to illuminate the gorgeous Axminster Carpets beneath.

De Vere Latimer Estate

Dating back to the 19th century, Latimer House in Buckinghamshire is one of Britain's finest hotels. But, despite its current beauty, its origins are distinctly more intriguing…the house was an important centre for military intelligence and espionage during World War II.

Latimer Estate is now known as one of Britain's most secret homes...but we'll let you into a little surprise: inside, it's fitted with the most beautiful Axminster Carpets. The fitting of our flooring was part of a recent £7m refurbishment to the estate. Critical to this refurbishment was the addition of 21st-century comfort, whilst maintaining its original period properties. Axminster Carpets was the ideal choice for this, thanks to our unique blend of centuries-old craftsmanship and modern-day styles.

These iconic De Vere properties are just a small selection of the historically renowned places that Axminster Carpets have fitted. We’re immensely proud to be continuing the history of these buildings, whilst also helping to bring them into the modern day with our world-renowned carpet designs. It’s no coincidence that so many places continuously choose Axminster Carpets: we’re famed for our enduring quality, meaning that our carpets will be part of their stories for years to come.