Brasserie Blanc

The Brasserie Blanc receives the Royal treatment from Axminster Carpets

The Brasserie Blanc, located at the front of Bournemouth’s prestigious Highcliffe Marriot Hotel has received the royal treatment from luxury British brand Axminster Carpets. Awarded the Royal Warrant in 2012, the carpet manufacturer collaborated with PNW, Twickenham to develop a custom woven carpet that seamlessly, slipped into the Art Deco surroundings.

The Brief

The atmosphere of Brasserie Blanc is what sets the restaurant apart from other eateries in the area. The venue successfully respects the signature look of the group with its mural wallpaper and deep-buttoned sofas, in order to achieve a modern, yet casual décor. Axminster Carpets was tasked with creating a contemporary twist on a classic, which would respect the history and characteristics of the location. The engaging, monochrome carpet stripes echo the vibrant atmosphere and set the mood for a comfortable spot to stay and linger.

Brasserie Blanc

Brasserie Blanc is a French restaurant inspired and influenced by the work of popular chef Raymond Blanc. The Bournemouth restaurant is the twentieth in his portfolio, each one designed to make patrons feel comfortable and welcome – as if they were a guest in Maman Blanc’s own home.