The Apprenticeship Scheme

We are seeking keen and enthusiastic Production Operatives who are looking to forge a career within textiles. The role is part of an NVQ Apprenticeship and will cover all aspects of Axminster Carpet Manufacturing.

The Apprenticeship will be an NVQ in Manufacturing Operations with full involvement in the manufacturing of an Axminster Carpet.

The individual will cover all aspects from the yarn coming onto site, including the loading process and different techniques onto the Loom and also assist with the weaving.

The role will also cover quality control, treatment and final inspection as part of the whole production process with the cutting and wrapping and having our product ready for dispatch out to our clients as part of the experience.

A structured period of time will be spent in each of our key areas during the course of the Apprenticeship so the individual will have a clear understanding of the skills required to produce a quality Axminster Carpet.


The Apprentice over the course period will cover aspects including;       

  • Winding
  • Creeling                                                                                                            
  • Smart Creeling
  • Axminster Weaving
  • Inspection and repairs
  • Vinyl Backing
  • Cutting
  • Dispatch

For further details, or to apply, please contact Mr Andrew Rosewarn, Production Manager at

Vacancy Address

Axminster Carpets

Woodmead Road


EX13 5PQ

No. of positions available


Occupational Area

Production Areas

NVQ Framework

Manufacturing Operations


2 (Intermediate)

Duration of course

Averages 18 months

Skills Required

None, full training provided.

Personal Qualities



Willing to learn

Team Player


Qualifications Required

GCSE Maths and English

Reality Check

You will be standing for long periods

Some rolls will be more Physical than others

Weekly Wage

Age Dependant

Working Hours

39 hrs per Week, which will include College time.