Barbican Theatre

World-class London based arts and learning organisation the Barbican uses our carpets to supply their historic building.

The Barbican has used Axminster Carpets since 2008 and the woven 8-pitch loom carpet in Bespoke “Barbican blue” laid on the stairs, stalls and foyer is an exact match for quality, style and colour as the Axminster carpet which was originally laid in the auditorium. The Barbican welcomes over 1.77 million people every year and our 8-pitch luxurious wool carpet will be durable enough to withstand this footfall for years to come.


 “We are really pleased to continue our relationship with Axminster Carpets, maintaining high quality interiors within our iconic building. We aim to give audiences a great experience from the moment they step through our doors and using Axminster Carpets helps to deliver this.”

Yvette Chin, Project Manager at the Barbican