Sound insulation

Carpet is a great way to help insulate your home for sound. There are two types of sound disturbance in a home: Impact sound, which is the sound an object makes when hitting the ground; and sound absorption or reverberations.

Our highest quality woven Axminsters including the Royal Axminster, Royal Clovelly and Royal Dartmouth Weave and our 50oz tufted ranges decrease the impact of sound by a significant 30 decibels. All other wovens and tufted ranges decrease impact sound by 25 decibels, making a real difference to the quality of noise disruption in your home.

All our carpets have been proven in independent tests to protect against sound reverberations, especially when installed with a quality combined felt and rubber underlay such as Axfelt™ triple layer underlay, which absorbs even more sound waves." 

Heat Insulation

Laying carpet in your home is a great way to provide more heat insulation, especially as heating bills continue to rise. Carpet and underlay often have a tog rating which will show how much thermal insulation they will provide to your home and this can act as a guide to help you work out the best combination of underlay and carpet for your room.