Caring for your carpet

So you’ve chosen your lovely new carpet, had it fitted and invited your friends over to admire how gorgeous it looks. But how do you keep it looking beautiful with the family walking over it all the time, what’s the best way to care for it?

Wool carpets are easy to clean

The good news is a wool carpet is naturally resistant to dirt. Wool fibres make it harder for dirt particles to stick, so they’re easier to clean and keep their colour longer. However accidents happen, so we've put together a handy chart to help you come to your carpets rescue. But whatever the spill, remember:

• Deal with it quickly so it’s less likely to stain.
• Don’t rub, or you’ll damage the yarn.
• Don’t use salt or white wine on a red wine spill.
• Work from the outside inwards to limit the affected area.
• Use a cleaner designed for wool, working it in with a brush, sponge or cloth, then   rinsing.
• When you’ve finished, blot thoroughly and brush the pile in the right direction.
• If you’re in any doubt, call a professional carpet cleaner.

For further assistance please refer to our carpet rescue chart.

Make friends with your vacuum

A great-looking carpet is one that gets vacuumed regularly, ideally every day. If your vacuum has a beater bar, such as a Sebo or brush head, that’s even better. (Please note that loop pile carpet should be vacuumed with a suction head only, beater bars may catch the fibres giving the carpet a hairy appearance.) Take it slowly so the vacuum has enough time to clean from deep in the tufts, and concentrate on well-trodden areas like stairs, hallways and in front of chairs.

Think about wear and tear

The position of your furniture will create areas that are more or less trodden on than others, so if your room is big enough, try to move things around occasionally. It’ll make you see your room in a whole new light too!

Stair carpets can get a lot of wear and shifting them from time to time can really help, you could order a little extra so you can replace worn areas if you need to. If your carpet runs right up to an external door, use a mat to catch dirt and grit on its way in. Always take off shoes with grips, like trainers, as they can tear the pile.

Call in the experts

In some situations, it’s best to let an expert take a look. There’s a whole network of accredited companies committed to using approved products for cleaning wool carpets and rugs. The Woolsafe Organisation holds a free directory at