Axminster Carpets strengthened by H Dawson Wool deal

Feb 19, 2016

H Dawson Wool, the international wool merchant based in Bradford, West Yorkshire, has acquired a controlling equity stake in Axminster Carpets based in Axminster, Devon.

Royal Warrant holder Axminster Carpets, founded originally by Thomas Whitty in 1755, has operated from its current extensive manufacturing and commercial site in Axminster, Devon since 1937. The  Original high-quality Axminster from Axminster Carpets can be found in royal residences, some of the finest hotels in the world, in train carriages, aircraft of global airlines and in thousands of discerning homes throughout the United Kingdom and worldwide. The business has undergone a period of significant change during the last three years and now provides its customers with an enhanced level of service and on-going new product development.  The provision of additional support from H Dawson, increased financial resource and further strengthening of the Axminster Carpets senior management team will take the company on the next phase of its journey.

H Dawson Wool, established in 1888, has for many years been an important supplier to the wool carpet manufacturing sector in the UK and throughout the world. This investment in Axminster Carpets demonstrates the on-going commitment of H Dawson to the wool carpet manufacturing sector and forms an essential element of its strategy to develop alliances throughout the supply chains within which it operates for the benefit of all chain participants.

Steve Winslet, Chief Executive of Axminster Carpets said “Our business sells wonderful high-quality carpets that are predominantly made from wool.  It makes real sense that our new owners are experts in the sourcing of our primary raw material.  Their wool expertise, global reach and long-term commitment to the industry will add real value to our company.  We are excited about the future growth aspirations for the business”.

Jo Dawson, Chairman of H Dawson Wool, explains: “The passion and expertise within H Dawson complements the strengths of Axminster Carpets.  We will encourage increased market and consumer awareness about the many benefits arising from the use of wool-rich carpets in a wide variety of environments and applications.  The benefits of owning an Axminster carpet go way beyond revelling in the stunning design and beautiful craftsmanship that lives within each product.  Amongst their many inherent benefits, these incredible carpets are designed to have a natural ability to absorb dangerous VOC gases, actively manage a healthier climate in your room whilst acting as a flame retardant barrier to your floor!”

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About Axminster Carpets™

Axminster Carpets have been synonymous with luxury British Wool Carpets since 1755. With an extensive range of plain and patterned designs, each Axminster Carpet is made using ethically sourced materials, traditional methods and craftsmanship ensuring the highest quality product.

Proud recipients of a Royal Warrant, Axminster Carpets™ is the UK’s leading carpet manufacturer, weaving beautiful designed carpets for the Royal household, stately homes, luxury hotels and discerning homes around the world.

Axminster Carpets Ltd., Axminster, Devon, England, EX13 5PQ. Tel +44 (0)1297 32244 / 33533

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About H. Dawson Wool

Founded in 1888, H. Dawson Wool supplies wool from more than 40 countries to a wide range of customers in 75 locations worldwide.

We supply the finest to the coarsest wool, including noble fibres, greasy wool, scoured wool, wool tops and open tops that are transformed at carefully selected processing partners in strategic global locations. The fourth generation of the Dawson family to run the business leads a highly experienced team based in the UK, Ireland, China, Italy, New Zealand and South Africa, offering bespoke solutions to suit the supply needs of customers in industries including performance apparel, high fashion, interiors, technical, soft furnishings and carpets.

The H. Dawson Wool team is actively involved in the drive to improve awareness of wool as a natural, renewable and biodegradable fibre and we work tirelessly to ensure our products are reliable, traceable and perfect for purpose.

H. Dawson Wool, Mercury House, Essex Street, Bradford, BD4 7PG, England tel: +44 (0) 1274 727464  email:  For more information please visit