Why Wool?

Wool is nature’s own high performance fibre, offering durability, warmth, flexibility and reliability. The majority of the wool we use comes from British sheep, which we combine into specialist blends to suit each particular type of carpet.

Wool is a great natural insulator and also helps reduce noise which adds cosiness and warmth to a room. It’s naturally flame retardant and doesn’t melt like man-made fibres do. It’s also sustainable, renewable and biodegradable – this is as important to us as it is to our customers. It is highly absorbent meaning that it can hold 33% of its own weight in water before it feels wet. This enables a wool carpet to help control the humidity of a room.

For allergy sufferers, a wool carpet or rug will actually help to cleanse the air of dust, airborne allergens and Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOCs). It is a common misconception that hard floors are better for allergy sufferers – this means allergens and dust can travel in the air which can make symptoms more pronounced. A 100% wool rug or carpet in a room will help limit the impact of living with an allergy."  

*Thanks to H Dawson wool suppliers for this information.

What are the benefits of wool in carpet?