Making an Axminster

What makes an Axminster Carpet™ different from any other carpet?


Wool is nature’s high performance fibre

Wool Ready To Be Turned Into Yarn
Wool ready to be turned into yarn*
Our exclusive blends of premium quality wools give our carpets their unique soft spring underfoot. All our woven carpets are made with our special blend of pure new wool and our tufted carpets with at least 80% wool, so you can be sure you are getting a carpet that will last and feel soft and luxurious under foot for many years.
Colourful Bobbins Of Yarn
Colourful bobbins of yarn.
We use wool selected from different breeds of British sheep. Our climate means the wool we use offers exceptional durability, warmth, flexibility and reliability – as well as wonderful ‘bounce’ underfoot. We work closely with our wool suppliers and only select the highest quality wools to turn into yarns, which will last a lifetime and retain their beauty when made into a carpet.


Design Director Gary Bridge
Gary Bridge, Design Director at Axminster Carpets
We never compromise on quality. Our production processes reflect our expertise in the traditional art of carpet design and making.

Beauty in design

Weaving Enables Axminster Carpets To Produce Detailed Designs In Its Rugs And Carpets
Axminster Carpets produce detailed designs for rugs and carpets
At Axminster carpets™ one of the things that has always defined our woven carpets and rugs has been the level of intricate detail we are able to put into our designs. This is due to the process that we use, weaving the yarn through a quality backing rather than simply tufting (sticking) the yarn to the backing. A woven carpet or rug is made by threading each strand of yarn through the backing. This makes the resulting carpet or rug highly durable and means we can use finer yarns, which in turn means more detail in design and colour. The resulting effect in our finished carpets and rugs is like the difference between the picture quality on a standard TV and a high definition screen - colours are sharper and design details are more defined.


Every single Axminster Carpet™ is meticulously hand inspected at each stage of the production process, from the woollen yarn to the finished carpet, to ensure it’s worthy of the Axminster Carpets™ name. We know that you would expect nothing less.

Axminster Carpets™ is very proud to have been awarded the Royal Warrant enabling it to join an elite group of companies recognised as supplying goods and service to Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. The warrant is regarded worldwide as a symbol of quality and excellence and demonstrates our commitment to manufacturing carpets of the highest possible standards.

*Thanks to H Dawson wool suppliers for the use of this image.