An Axminster from Axminster

We’re proud of our heritage, our people and our designs. Quality in design and craftsmanship is guaranteed with every Axminster Carpet™ – each one is made in Britain using our traditional methods and is individually inspected.

Weaving Axminster On An Axminster Loom
Weaving an Axminster on an Axminster loom
Today Axminster Carpets is still a family run business based in the heart of Axminster, the Devon town that gave the carpets their name. The history of carpet making in the town dates back to 1755 when Thomas Whitty made carpets using what became known as the Axminster method of weaving.
Weaving The Yarn On Loom
Weaving the yarn on an Axminster loom.
Weaving is a skill that is still an intrinsic part of the town’s history and present, a skill passed from generation to generation.